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About Us

A family-run business now in its third generation, we take enormous pride in our work. 

MMG Ireland Ltd.

We began manufacturing steel products in 1955. A family run business now in its third generation, we take enormous pride in our work. We continue to produce high quality agricultural steel galvanised products such as gates, posts, hangers, feeders, troughs, cattle crushes and building supplies. 

Nationwide Transport
Excellence and Professionalism 

Striving for excellence is an important part of professionalism in any business. It involves putting quality into everything you do. It has been our policy since starting out to keep reinvesting in the latest production equipment. With our skilled and dedicated team, we are continuously improving our quality so that we can provide our customers with the best products possible. 

Transportation Nationwide

We provide our own logistic transport service to co-ops, hardware stores and agri merchants nationwide. With full insurance, we strive to deliver all of our products with efficiency and on-time nationwide.

What Sets Us Apart  

We are constantly upgrading our products and processes in order to make the best gates on the market at all times! 

Gate Front 

We manufacture the ‘gate front’ separately from 41.2 x 1.75mm tube which is slotted into the 41.2 x 1.5mm frame, making the joining of the frame and the gate front 3.25mm thick. And this is why...

  • Our gate front is no less than 1.5mm at the bend after the bending process for sturdiness and durability.

  • Thicker material will attract more zinc during the galvanising process, ensuring a long life span. 


Reinforced Corner 

In 2019 we introduced reinforced corners from 12ft upwards on our Heavy Duty M8 Gate and new M5 5 Bar Gate. This process results in increasing the strength and structure of the entire gate. 

Animal Welfare

Animal welfare is paramount to MMG and we are constantly looking at ways of making our gates safer. An example of this can be seen in our new M4, M6 and Sheep gates where the vertical is constructed from 40 x 20mm section which has radius corners and no edges whatsoever making it very safe. We do not use channels in any of our gates for this reason. 

Top Quality Materials & Processes

We have resisted the cheaper option of using a hollow tube as the gate heel and have carried on with the traditional solid heel. The reason is simply because it’s better! As the gate is opened and closed, the zinc will eventually rub off and corrosion will start, obviously the solid 32mm heel will outlast the hollow tube. 

What Sets Us Apart
Guaranteed Irish

We are the only gate manufacturer to carry the Guaranteed Irish logo and are proud to support all Irish companies! Now more than ever there is a necessity to support our own economy and local jobs, particularly in the agricultural sector.


We are proud to be Guaranteed Irish! 

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